The Ocean and Culture


Ocean Culture Is Everywhere! Whether it’s an educational event at an aquarium, a Polynesian dance, a song, or the latest hit movie set on the sea, ocean culture is universal.

How people across the planet describe the ocean in music, art, film and culture reflects the importance of the ocean to our lives and how we think about it.  The “Top 20 and Ocean Culture” tab is intended to provide insight into the cultural aspects of our relationship to the ocean.

Recognizing Our Limitations
The ocean is a global body of water, and as a result, it touches many cultures around the world.  As we begin the process of developing the Ocean Culture tab and other sections of the OpenOceans Global web site, we recognize that that our initial view is primarily Western and even North American.  Please help to expand OpenOceans Global’s perspective by letting us know about your local and national ocean perspectives, traditions and culture.

If you have a suggested category to add to the Ocean Culture tab, please let us know by filling out the form at the bottom of the page. 

Thank you.

Ocean Culture Categories
Ocean Feature Films
Ocean Novels
Ocean Songs (under construction)
Ocean Sculpture (under consideration)
Ocean Paintings (under consideration)
Ocean Poems (under consideration)
Ocean Traditions (under consideration)
Ocean Dances (under consideration)
Ocean Awards (under consideration)
Ocean Myths (under consideration)

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