What We Intend to Do

OpenOceans Global intends to build the infrastructure to aggregate and creatively present the world’s ocean data. That critical infrastructure currently does not exist and is needed to address or adapt the issues addressed on this page and many others. This work will be addressed in two phases:

Phase 1 – Shared Information.
This first phase involves developing a web portal using geographical information systems (GIS) mapping that will implement two primary necessities: a universal place for people to find the information about the ocean and a way to link together the international ocean community behind this common need. This phase will:

  • Identify the organizations that collect ocean data and catalog the data they collect.
  • Author the algorithms to aggregate ocean data from multiple sources.
  • Broaden international recognition and support for OpenOceans Global’s initiative.

Phase 2 – Informed Decisions.
After completing Phase 1, OpenOceans Global will move forward with the Phase 2 activities of aggregating the world’s ocean data and creatively presenting it online using geographical information systems (GIS) and other emerging visualization technologies. Achieving Phase 2 will serve the research community and decision makers and result in more informed decisions and less-politicized resolutions to ocean-related public policy issues.

Sharing useful, fun and accurate information about the world's oceans!