Ocean Stuff Worth Knowing

Baja California’s Recipe for Saving Fishing Communities. As fish populations crash elsewhere, towns in Baja California limit catches to stabilize harvests, boost tourism, and preserve a way of life.

A Grand Tour of the Ocean Basins. A new teaching resource facilitates plate tectonic studies using a Google Earth virtual guided tour of ocean basins around the world.

Keep the March for Science Momentum Going. The March for Science brought together thousands of people in support of strong, unfettered science. To keep the momentum going, the AGU is asking that you, your colleagues, and friends tell your friends about your science and its impact on society, and write postcards to your legislators and tell them why Science Is Essential to your region.

Digital Ocean’s blue economy storytelling resources! 
Digital Ocean teamed up with the National Ocean Economics  Program (NOEP) to create four videographics that illustrate data around the economic risks that sea level rise poses to the entire U.S. Economy.


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